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2016 Writing Recap

A writer friend of mine, Amanda J Evans, listed her writing achievements for last year on her blog. I thought it was a great idea, so I’m doing something similar. You can find Amanda on facebook and at this link

Unlike Amanda, I did not keep a list in the back of a notebook, but they are in a folder on my computer or in Duotrope or both. The list is not a comment on the quality of the work nor does it distinguish stories which I tweaked, shortened or lengthened, to meet a submission criteria.

In a total of 79 submissions on Duotrope with some stories submitted more than once, the results are:
17 outstanding submission to 13 companies
62 rejections from 40 companies

Publishing Successes in 2016
Short Stories/Flash

Dancing with Fireflies (Longlisted for Strands International short story contest)
The Painting (Published in Into the Void. Nominee for Best Short Fiction 2017)
Theresa’s Pride (Published Tell Tale Inklings)
Dreamtime (Published Mused Bella Online)
Sisters and Nanas (Published Mused Bella Online)
The Path (Published Mused Bella Online – written previous year)
Button Box (Aired on radio, written several years earlier)

Long Way from Home (Runner up in Into the Void contest.  Anthology Luminous Echoes published January 2017)
Moving (Published Tell Tale Inklings – written many years earlier)
Pocket – A Street in Liverpool c.1959 (Published Tell Tale Inklings – written many years earlier)
Dark Cloud (Online at Visual Verse)
Not Knowing (Online at Visual Verse)

Other Work

Short Stories
Fuss About Fungus
Biker’s Back
Cinderella Complex
Going Viral/On the Run
So Not Me
The Ooops Baby
The Postman’s Hut
Jaws of the Mushroom (Unfinished)
No Electricity (Unfinished)
End of the Line
Stranger in a Strange Place (500 words)
The Sister’s Secret
Harsh Breathing (300 words)
Taking a Chance
Letting Go (read on Radio Dundalk)
It Came in the Mail
Berekah’s Egg
Pirate Radio
A Good Book
A Value Greater than Gold (150 words)
Something I Forgot
My Best Friend Forever (Working Title, unfinished)
Revenge is Sweet
The Great Race 50/The Final Race (Title changed several times)
The Rubicon (Unfinished)
The Black Dog
The Ghost Train
The Food Challenge

Even Old Cow (Working title, mid-edit)
Big Chin (Working title, mid-edit)
Three Voices, One Dream/Where the Arrows Land

Always Seeking Attention
Falling Down a Hole
Garden Party
Grandparents/Great Grandparents
Ink Blot Picture
My Day
One of Those Days
Open Doors/I’ve Opened More Doors than I’ve Closed
Saved by the Bell
Unknown Photos on my Phone
Writer Imprisoned
Death Cloud
Lost and Found
The Rebel
Cost of Pride
My Maternal Hero
A Public Death
Beauty and the Beast
Vampire Sky
Be Careful what you Wish For
I’ve Closed More Doors
A Dish Served Cold
A Different World
Not So Easy Pickings
Saved by the Bell

Unconscious Memories
My Name Is (Slam Poem)

Life’s A Beach (Unfinished)
Worrier (Unfinished)

I enjoyed putting this list together. It is both an affirmation and motivation. Roll on 2017.

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  1. What an impressive list. Congratulations. You’ve put the hours and inspiration in this year.

    I feel inspired to make more effort. Thanks for sharing this.

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