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August Challenge – 12 day update

August Pledge

I am starting this blog by expressing my sorrow at the twin bombing in Hua Hin which killed one woman and left up to twenty people injured.

Hua Hin is the nearest large town to the village of Ban Nong Yai where I lived for six years. The bombs went off near bars I used to frequent. The woman who died was a food stall holder and I’ve probably spoken to her as with many of the other men and women working in Hua Hin. I read that the attack on Hua Hin was one of eleven explosions in tourist areas around Thailand on the same day, and which killed four people.

Insurgency from the South has been going on for twelve years. So they could be responsible but the argument is against because they make ‘better’ bombs and do not use the homemade IED’s that exploded in Hua Hin.  Speculation falls on another two warring factions.

Well, they had a referendum to change the constitution. The YES vote won meaning the ruling junta will continue until they have new constitution. So, the other party ” THAKSIN’S” doesnt like what happened, so they want the government to feel that they are not satisfy with the current ruling. This is just a local speculation,. So WHY Huahin? The royal family, Queen’s birthday. They dared to do that here and on this day. That means… they are getting more powerful.

This is the first time tourist spots have been a target. It signifies a change of tactic and it is very worrying.  I am saddened by it but relieved that my sister and I are away from it.

I bring this up because the novella I am working on for the August challenge is set in Thailand.

For this 12 day update, I am delighted to say I have met my 1,000+ word a day target. I now have 12,108 words in total. I am pleased with it but…isn’t there always a but…I am not sure it isn’t full of words and no action. Not the action of murder and investigating which is central to the story; not yet but it’s getting there.

I think the scenes I have been working on are developing the two main characters and their relationship. Actions they participate in are seen differently be each of them. I think they are shown and not told but, of course, that will be something I will be looking for during the editing process which is still a long way off yet.

I have changed the name of one of the female characters and feel more comfortable with it. The original character played the main role in a short story, which I believe I mentioned in the first update. I used it to start the novella but it is no longer required as the story has taken over. Some of the elements from it are used, though in a different way.

I have a scene in my head, not fully developed that makes me excited. I want to start writing it but I know it’s still incomplete. It might not be complete until I put it down but that is for the future.

In the meantime, I’m plodding on.

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