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August challenge – 16 day update plus a day

August Pledge

I am late writing this but I have met my target each day.

Since the last update, I have written other pieces for various magazines and competitions and submitted them. So, I have written more than the 1,000 words I planned. Although I may have written 500 words before returning to the novella, I do not feel content unless I complete the 1,000 words for it.

On Monday, the 15th I did not feel satisfied. With the extra pieces and the novella, I achieved 1,500 words for the day. I removed a couple of hundred words from the novel as well, so that increases the new word count. However, the work written for the novella are bitty and don’t go anywhere. More descriptive and scene setting than anything else, I think. When I review and edit next month, I may see them differently.

For the past day, one problem I kept bumping into was that the victim was not a nice man. No-one liked, no-one had a good word for him. Therein lies the reason. No-one is a complete bastard. A saving grace can be found in most people if only that they love their mother. So far, this guy has a black heart without a streak of white. I let my imagination jump about, put it on the back burner, hoping for inspiration. As I was dropping off to sleep in the early hours of yesterday morning, ideas flooded my head. Terrified I would forget them, I went for my pen and paper and jotted them down. I kept them with on the bedside table in case more problems were resolved or more questions asked.

Buddhist Monk BlessingThe scene involves the Buddhist monks. They do have a kind word for him. I wrote the scene today and I have reached the point when my sleuth is stopped by one of the monks from walking into the morgue. They have yet to discuss the victim. I have a focus for tomorrow (today because it is turned midnight) and an outline of the conversation, where it fits in with the rest of the story, and what to do with it.I will keep the writing pad and pen with me tonight too.

My detective was directed to the Buddhist Temple not only for their opinion of the dead man but also to stop him learning other facts in relation to the murderer. The criminal police will be arriving while he is at the temple. They will do the barest investigation and release the body for cremation in return for a large sum of money. My murderer does not want to raise my detective’s suspicions any further. But I am sure he will find evidence of such a conspiracy somehow. Another strand weaving in the melting pot of my mind.

Here’s to tomorrow, and more exciting scenes.

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