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August Challenge – 4 day update

August Pledge

I’ve managed at least 1,000 words a day so far.

When I started, I used an excerpt from a short story to kickstart the project and a couple of characters that feature in another novella both of which are set in Thailand.

I could have written far more if I hadn’t been pushed into research and editing but the characters are taking on a life of their own. They wanted a new identity and function displeased by being thrust into a different scenario.

You know, I have no problem with it. The characters are driving the story as they push their personalities at me, the twists and turns of the plot are becoming clearer.

The characters have demanded a change of name. Some of my time has been spent looking through my list of Thai friends and checking out names. Most names are given to babies by the monks. But nicknames are integral to Thai culture. For a Westerner this can be a great boon as often the nicknames are far easier to pronounce than the Thai names. When I taught in a Thai school, the kids would change their nicknames almost on a daily basis. Some weird and wonderful concoctions appeared as they learned more English words. Even now when I go through my friend’s list, the changes sometimes confuse me.

Another area the characters are prodding at me is their role in life: their job and their relationships. Gone is the newly-wed young man and in his place is a single, highly educated millionaire. That is an exaggeration but he is a man of some means with a high-powered job. He is also an English-Thai mix familiar with some Thai customs thanks to his mother but ignorant of others. This makes way for his old university friend, of Thai parentage and also wealthy. He is no longer a tourist policeman but the village Pooyaibahn who rules the community and deals with aberrations. A devout Buddhist, he goes where the voices lead him. They have directed him to this village for a purpose which is only now unfolding for him.

With a murderer in their midst, this pair needed to meet again. The Pooyaibahn must have the help of his friend to solve the murder. Cow races and full moon parties play their part and as they are both single men, so do the women.

Can’t wait to continue with it.

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