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August Challenge – 8 day update

August Pledge

I have continued to meet my target of 1,000+ words a day. The total is now 9,703.

Surprising, because I procrastinated. For some insane reason, I decided to edit. Why on earth did I choose to do it? The story is nowhere near editing stage. It is a series of scenes with no cohesion. They may yet move around and they will all need transitions. Some characters are developing and some are quiet right now and I am suspicious about their plans. When I had finished my so-called editing I had lost about 100 words. Brilliant!

It is a murder mystery. Soooo, I should have started at the end by knowing the victim, the method, the murderer, the opportunity and the motive. I should have plotted the major scenes to plant the clues, the suspects, the red herrings and the misdirection. In my time machine, I would have gone backwards and discovered where everyone was at the time of the murder – where the suspects say they where and my secret outline of where they really where.  I should have decided my sleuth and sidekick; my sleuth’s flaws, his background and so on.I should have known the location, the specific time and place. I should have decided the tone, the voice and other characters involved.

I started right – the victim never stood a chance. For the rest, I went off track.

You know what? It doesn’t matter. If I do it now, I won’t meet the challenge. I can plot it next month. The story is coming together. I have my victim and I know a lot about him. I have my murderer, and I know his motive and his method. A slew of suspects are in the frame and I will narrow that to a specific number. I think five of the characters have powerful motives. Some clues are in place and red herrings are splattered around. I am aiming for a menacing tone and a self-deprecating, laconic voice of the sleuth who has an astute mind and a major flaw.  One of those flaws that you cite in an interview but which can be interpreted as a strength. The location is set, the crime scene taped and although the time is fluid it will tighten as it goes along.

And ‘should’ should be banned.

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  1. Sounds intriguing. Good luck, although it doesn’t seem like you need that. What a lot of useful info you’ve included.

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