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August Challenge

 Thai Dragon
Thai Dragon

While I was driving home from Dublin, my mind rifled through ideas. Inspiration struck and excitement had me writing pages in my head while concentrating on the road.

My aim is to write a novella. I would like to write 1,000 words a day but will be happy if I write 500. The former will give me a complete novella and the latter half a novella but the bones of a great story.  It will be set in Thailand again in a place I’ve visited in storyland before and incorporate some of the characters from those other stories.

I recently had a lovely rejection of a novella with the words –

“It is well-written and the language is beautiful, which allowed us to quickly
read and make a decision, but it doesn’t quite have the edge we’re currently
looking for in a manuscript. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have another
manuscript you’ve just finished or will be finishing in the near future we’d
love to read and discuss.”

Those words made me feel so good so I will be working hard to meet their criteria. Do I have the cojones to write ‘the edge’ they are looking for? I will find out because I think that when we discuss what I will have written it will be a first draft they can better suggest areas to work on to produce the edge they want. I do have one novella lying fallow and one I’m finishing so this will be another one in my portfolio.

I have used an old story as an introduction to kick-start this novella. The full story was first published in Mused online review in June. It may be edited out at a later date but it helped me develop the idea and I wrote 600 words. I might even reach a thousand words before the night is over.  My writing group has a private facebook page, and I have posted the 1800 words in a file. It acts as an achievement and a motivator and I can update it as I go.

Updates here will follow but they will be likely put under the Snippets heading unless I have a whole lot to say about the process.

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