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Bangor Literary Journal – first issue out now

A quick post today about the new Bangor Literary Journal based in Northern Ireland.

The magazine asked for forty word stories a couple of months ago. I sent three, and one was highly commended. The awards ceremony and launch was held yesterday but I could not attend. But the Bangor Literary Journal is now online with my story and many others.

This is the first issue of The Bangor Literary Journal and you can download it from this link.

It contains poetry and flash fiction as well as the forty word stories. I guess you can call them flash too. I confess I do like the winning story, and the editorial comment. My piece is on page 59.

They have competitions and open submissions on pages 72 and 73. The submissions for issue 2 are due 31 March with no theme. The first deadline is 5 May and on the theme ‘Love’. If you read the guidelines, you may have something in your writing portfolio, or which you write new.

For Issue 2
The deadline for submissions is midnight on 31st March 2018.
Launching on: 30th April 2018
There is no theme for issue two. Just send us your best work.
Submit by email to
You may submit up to two pieces in total (for example- one poem and one image)
All details can be found on our website:

The Bangor Poetry Competition
Deadline for submissions: 5th May 2018. Theme- LOVE
The Bangor Poetry Competition is different than most other poetry competitions. If you are
shortlisted then you will be asked to hand-write your poem, sign it, illustrate it or embellish
it and frame it. Your original piece will then be displayed as part of The Aspects Literary
Festival (August- dates to be confirmed) at The Blackberry Path Art Studios, Bangor,
Northern Ireland and the poems shall be voted on by the public over a period of three
All details are available on our website:

The Journal has great potential, and I am looking forward to the forthcoming issues.

Comments on my story called Wishing are welcome.


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  1. Congratulations, Lynda. Lovely, emotive piece of writing. Just read it, will go back to it again. It’s a nice looking magazine.

    • Lynda Kirby Lynda Kirby

      I have been lazy this past month so only just seen your reply. Thank you. They are looking for submissions for the next issue. Perhaps this is something you might like to submit to.

      • I’ve sent a couple of pieces, thanks to your pointing this one out. Fingers crossed, now.

        • Lynda Kirby Lynda Kirby

          Good luck, Cath.
          I haven’t sent any yet.

  2. I read all the entries and they were wrong. While I did enjoy Iodine and Fabulous, I think your piece, Wishing, should have won. The rest were … well, they were the reason I don’t read poetry. So maybe I’m not the best judge here. I judged it as flash fiction, not poetry. You told a whole story in just a few lines. Great stuff. Touching, real.
    Oh, I got here via your Scrib account.

    • Lynda Kirby Lynda Kirby

      Hi Steve
      Thanks for the kind words.
      I wrote the piece as flash and I believe Flash should tell story. So I am pleased with your comment.
      I signed up for NaNoWrMo last year but didn’t write a word. Good on you for sticking with it.This year I will aim for the NaNoFlash at the same time.
      I intend joining in Story a Day in May again this year too. Need to sharpen my pencils.
      Catch you on Scrib sometime.

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