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Blowing my own trumpet

Into the Void

As I have mentioned previously, I was published in the inaugural issue of Into the Void Magazine. I am delighted by it because the magazine is truly excellent. A mix of prose, poetry, and non-fiction, and stunning images. You can read the full review here

The magazine was reviewed and I received a ‘stand out’ mention from reviewer Joanne Spencer and I am pleased that my words had such a reaction. Of course, I am reprinting it below.

With an MA in Writing, Lynda Kirby’s prose entitled “The Painting,” was truly lyrical in the gentle telling of a young woman embracing the memories of her aging Grandmother with words knitted together like this, “applause ricocheting from the roof where the notes linger and memory dies” that leave you wanting to reach for a phone and call home.

You can buy the magazine from the Into the Void website at in print and digital formats at a reasonable cost. If you’re in Dublin, you can buy it from Book Upstairs, D’Olier Street and Liberties Upstairs, Terenure Road. They have a facebook page too. The book can be fitted into a handbag and read anywhere, anytime. Almost like an e-reader but prettier.

In the future, I will set up a new page listing my reviews. Ha, that’s optimistic, isn’t it? Why not!

If you have a chance to read my prose in the magazine, let me know what you think.

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  1. Well done Lynda, it was a lovely review and I can’t wait to read your reviews page when you get round to creating it. I’m sure it will be filled with wonderful write-ups on the stories you create.


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