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My Writing – Seeking an agent or publisher for each book

This book list is of my novel and novella titles. The book covers were designed, and the blurbs written by a third party. Some of the working titles have since been changed. I am seeking an agent or publisher.

I am writing a third novel in the Secrets Series. Watch this space.

Since developing this page, I have self-published the novella ‘Autumn Burning’ in digital and print formats on Amazon.

Betrayed (Working Title)

Set in Thailand where ghost and superstitions abound.



Behind the Mask (Secrets Series Book 1)

Synopsis on blog
A mystery

For Tia, the sudden disappearance of her husband, Kevin, is only the tip of the iceberg.

Her desperate search for answers leaves Tia mentally and emotionally entangled in the ongoing criminal investigation. Surrounded by those who would betray her, Tia can trust no one as she seeks to unravel the secrets of her husband’s shame. The further she digs, the more she becomes ensnared in Kevin’s twisted past. Tia is ultimately forced to fight for her life in the shadow of his sins.

Edgy, brilliant, and all-consuming, Behind the Mask will have you breathless with each new obstacle as the hunt for Kevin races to its climactic end. Read the book for a complex and engaging ride that will grip you from the very start. Behind the Mask weaves intrigue and seduction into the fabric of its vibrant characters, and will leave you breathless.

Unravel the secrets of a husband’s dark past, and grab your copy today!

Read an extract of my 500 word synopsis.

Book 2 in the series

Joining the Dots (Secrets Series Book 2)

Everyone has secrets, but some are deadlier than others. Tia Lockhart has learned this terrible truth the hard way. Two years have passed since the events of Behind the Mask, and Tia has learned to move on since the brutal death of her husband, Kevin. But just when it seems that the dust has settled, mysterious letters begin to show up threatening Tia’s new life with her children and Detective Jack. Someone out there knows the truth, and they won’t stop until they destroy the life she has created, once and for all.

In Joining the Dots, jump back into the thick of it with Tia and Jack, as they wade ever deeper into the dark and twisted world of her late husband’s transgressions. This book bristles with suspense and passion, Joining the Dots is the compelling conclusion to Tia’s journey that will have you racing to catch your breath. Who is the mysterious sender hellbent on destroying Tia’s happiness? What more secrets are lurking beneath Kevin’s grave? And what will Tia do when the most important people in her world are thrown into the flames at her expense?

Find out what fate has in store in Joining of the Dots, and complete the Secrets Series today!


Bar Thai: Spider’s Web

Murder and mystery
Murder and mystery

Thailand: an oasis of pleasure, adventure, and secrets…

For Brina, this southeast Asian wonderland has served as both an escape and a blessing. A hardworking bar owner and independent woman, she revels in the freedom Thailand has afforded her. However, there is a shadow that lurks in the alleyways and crevices of the country’s underworld—a pressing darkness that assures that no one is safe.

When disaster strikes, and one of her own is attacked, Brina will have to entangle herself in a web of lies so thick it may never unravel. Who is threatening the livelihood of those Brina holds most dear? How far will she go to save the only life in Thailand she’s ever known? Will the spark of new love be extinguished in the pursuit of evil? Bar Thai: Spider’s Web is both mesmerizing and suspenseful—a compelling page-turner that will have you gripped right up until its unexpected conclusion.

For lovers of intrigue, deception, and great storytelling, Bar Thai: Spider’s Web is complex, involving, and deeply atmospheric. Immerse yourself in the exotic blend of mystery and mastery, and grab your copy today!



Now self-published on Amazon in digital and print formats.

Autumn Burning

When Jenna’s partner, Frank, disappeared fifteen months earlier, no one had prepared her for life on her own in the humid countryside of one of the world’s most exotic countries. But nothing in Thailand could ever have prepared her to see him again—smouldering in death, his body lifeless and cold.

Who’s responsible for Frank’s murder? And what do they want with Jenna?

For one woman in a strange new world, there will be no other choice but to get her hands dirty and try to find those who threaten her life, the life of her friends, and the fate of her small town.

Deeply riveting and fast-paced, Autumn Burning will have you gripped until the very end. Hold on tight as the secrets unravel like twine, twisting a story of intrigue and mayhem unlike any you’ve read before. Cleverly crafted for maximum suspense, this tropical tapestry blends all the hallmarks of a classic mystery with the allure of romance amid danger, as Jenna’s quest for answers leads her into a world much more sinister than she could have imagined.

Find out what secrets smoulder beneath the surface, and grab your copy of Autumn Burning, today!


Three Voices, One Dream

Three Voices One Dream

“Seek the truth; restore the future.”

Fifty years have passed since Lord Darnley received this calling from an unlikely messenger. The ghost of Lady Lucinda has stayed with him for half a century, and the majestic ancestral lighthouse that bears her name stands stalwart against the ravages of time.

For Crash, Plum, and Willow, the Lady Lucinda is more than just a lighthouse—it is a home, a labour of love, and a symbol of the wild freedom previously afforded by the all-powerful sea. With the three men now dealing with the unsettling fate of life on land will the lighthouse fossilised in a sea of grass be their salvation? In the shadow of change, the Lady Lucinda’s blind light flickers in the darkness.

With their interests aligned, can these four men band together to save the Lady Lucinda in time? Will a complete restoration of the resplendent tower be enough to keep the darkness at bay? In this all-new seaside novella, hope springs eternal. Colourful, powerful, and infused with emotion, Three Voices, One Dream, reaches out and touches the place in your heart where childlike ambition lives on.

Will this unlikely group of men be able to save the lighthouse in time? Or will the future of the Lady Lucinda be left to the birds? Cast off in this rewarding tale of hope, change, and second chances, and grab your copy of Three Voices, One Dream today!