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Chalk Painting

I joined in a chalk painting workshop organised by Kathleen from the Kraft Kaffee and held in the patio outside. It was a grand day. As it was my first attempt I kept is simple and used a plain Ikea wooden step stool that had been hanging out in the weather for a while. I am pleased with the result. The paint goes on first covering all visible spots. After leaving to dry for short time, it is waxed and left to mature. The feel of it is really interesting – like powdered chalk. I intend to use it as a plant stand in the bathroom. 

chalk 1

Chalk 2There were some great things being done with paint and stencils. We had a great supporter in our tutor Clare, from Mullingar where she has her own shop and had plenty of coffee and biscuits supplied by Kathleen. It was nice to work in company. I would never have done it on my own. I need to haunt charity shops so that I can prepare for the next one.

A white stool before draped with a piece of lace and the same stool ingeniously converted into a unique object with stencils of white over blue. Beautiful.


chalk 4Chalk 5


I am displaying a selection of the painting done by the group from a clothes horse that was turned into an elegant stand for holding silk and lace items. There is a picture frame transformed by a deep pink into a wonderful enhancement for a painting or a photograph.


Chalk 3The blue Ikea stool is my own effort. I intended to use it as a plant stand in the bathroom. Well, it is in the bathroom but there is no plant on it yet.


Chalk 7Then there is the slatted table destined to fit into a bedroom painted in a soft grey that reflects the light.





Chalk 6


The last piece is a display stand painted in a delicate shade of pink. On the top smallest shelf you can just see the petals of a deeper pink flower overflowing the edge. More of them would decorate the whole piece.


Such wonderful ideas by a great group of ladies.





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