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Competitions, contests and submissions

Just into February and I have entered a number of competitions, and sent work to paying magazines as well as non-paying outlets this year. What have I been submitting? Flash – a diverse length depending on the publishers criteria.

Fifteen submissions ranging from 40 words to 1,612 are literary and one ghost story going to two magazine competitions. They accept simultaneous submissions so I have doubled my chances.

The competition or magazine hosts are  Bath Flash Fiction, Atlantis, 101 fiction, 101 word, Visual Verse, Ad Hoc fiction, Psychopomp, the Fiction Desk, Bangor Literary Journal, and Zero Flash (which was accepted). More stories are queued but I must wait for pay day because not all are free entry.

Now looking at more sites to send my work with a deadline at the end of this month or March. The Lucy Cavendish award deadline is Friday 9 February and I intend to submit a novel extract. They ask for between forty and fifty pages, so as you can imagine, I’m going through those pages with a fine tooth comb. And every time I do, I find yet more errors. Oh to be able to afford a professional editor.

While researching the magazines for competitions or publication, I came across the Flash NaNo founded by Nancy Stohlman.  Thirty days of prompts for thirty pieces of fiction. It runs in November but the site goes live in July.

‘Story a Day in May’ is on my calendar and I plan to participate again this year. It is run by Julie Duffy who started it in 2010 and many writing activities throughout the year. A current project is Write on Wednesday project with prompts given on site.

Flash Nano and Story A Day May are only two ways to grab inspiration. Following these and the many others online should knock the fabled Writer’s Block on the head.

Reading some great stuff which I intend to review soon. One of the books I read is Dreaming in Starlight, and I have posted my review. I thought it was wonderful and recommend it to lovers of literary work.

Have a great week.



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  1. Well done, and good luck. You certainly put me to shame. I think I need to take a leaf out of your book, and start polishing some things up to send out. What a motivational post this makes.

    • Lynda Kirby Lynda Kirby

      Thanks, Cath. My motto to my students, and friends, is go for it. And good luck.

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