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Courses & Workshops

These courses can be tailored for one day workshops or for six or more weeks. Your local education authority might be interested in funding such a course. Please contact me with details of the type of course you want and the duration, and I will draft a scheme of work.

writing courses & workshops

Writing Courses & Workshops

Devising a Play
This course uses mask, mime, improvisation, tableaux, landscaping, collaboration, role play and scripting to create a play. Duration negotiable. A one day workshop will focus on one technique.

Creative Writing for Beginners
A course covering poetry and prose. Discover the structure and shape of a short story and the forms of poetry to produce a piece or pieces of writing. A one day workshop will focus on one element of this course and result in a written piece of work.

A Sense of Place
A course discussing how to include a location in your writing to make it vivid and real. The practical part of the course will encourage you to select and write about a place that is known to you. A one day workshop will provide stimulus for producing a short piece of writing.

A Place in History
This course looks at a location from a historic perspective and how to research to discover the core identity of the place.

memoir writing course
Memoirs Course (image from Bladerunner)

Writing a Memoir 1 – Cherish your memories
A beginner course offering stimuli to help you find your memoir and providing support for writing it down.

A Trip Down Memory Lane Memoir 2
A course that develops memoir with new insights and provides ways to access your memories.

How to Write a Mystery Story
A course to discover where to begin and how to write a mystery story. Draft an outline.

Theatre Courses & Workshops

The Development of British Theatre
A course that looks at theatre styles from the Greek chorus to the present day by studying published plays.

Modern Theatre
Looking at how realist theatre started and changed going from Ibsen to Kane by studying published plays.

Experimental Theatre
A look at Western theatre forms: Theatre of the Absurd, Physical Theatre, Street Theatre, Carnival, Forum Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed, Puppet Theatre, Political Theatre, Expressionist Theatre and more. A one day workshop will focus on one of these forms.

Feminist Theatre
A course to discover what defines feminist theatre. A selection of published plays will be read and discussed.

Eastern Theatre
A look at the variety of art forms of Eastern Theatre and how they compare to modern Western Theatre.