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Devising a Play

Devising cast

So, I have been leading a course about devising a play. It was two hours a week over six weeks and started out with twelve participants.

Twelve hours is not a great deal of time but we were successful and devised a multi-genre piece of theatre. By that I mean a performance piece that includes dance, dialogue, music, masks and mime. A truly original piece of physical theatre. 

Clowning aboutThere was a lot of creative energy generated through the games, mask work, mime, improv and so on and ideas blossomed. If we forget about who we are and who might be looking at us we can achieve great flights of the imagination. The performers opened invisible gift boxes, walked through mud, flew the skies, created some amazing tableaux and allowed themselves to play with ideas using their bodies, a small number of objects that can be anything they wanted, and a minimum selection of costumes. Often, a hat


The difficulty has been finding a performance date to suit everyone and the concomitant reheasal times when the course had finished. Men and women with regular comittments over and above the play and the community centre comittments have conspired to thwart us. The LMETB heavily subsidised the course and deserve the reward of seeing it completed and performed as do the participants. I am hopeful that the show will be filmed so the performers can see the play. When you’re up there doing it, you’re not seeing it. I might even put it on this blog. 

PadraigNow there are seven people available Maryfor the performance and I am arranging for two other people to step in and take over the roles. That means again rearranging rehearsal dates and times and rejigging the script. But the performance date and time is fixed.

The performers are wonderful. They are Fred Walker, Padraig McNally, Mary Clarke, Brigid Walshe, Dalia Smelstoriute and Christophe Lombardi. Also, in the group photo is Dorothy Laity with her clever and beautiful dog Emma; Sandra O’Reilly and Patricia Maguire.

The show was held at the Ballinacree Community Centre on Saturday 9 May at 7.30 pm and there was a wonderful photo exhibition with it, which will be my next blog.

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