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Dreaming in Starlight Book Review

Dreaming in Starlight is a short book by Philip Elliott.

Dreaming in Starlight
Dreaming in Starlight Snapshot taken from Amazon. co. uk (which I hope breaks no rules).

Philip is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Into the Void magazine, a quarterly literary journal publishing prose, flash, poetry, and art.  Read the reviews of the magazine here.

The journal is a gem which won the Saboteur Award 2017 for Best Magazine in it’s first year.  He writes fiction and poetry, and his work has been published in over fifty journals in nine countries. A young man with immense talent.

Dreaming in Starlight

Fifty-six pages of letters written by Jeremiah John Watts, the character in Dreaming in Starlight, tell the story of a troubled young man who escapes to the woods. In his self imposed exile, he lives without human contact for four months. His life unfolds as he addresses people, things, groups, himself and God. His experiences differ from mine but the emotions are recognisable and therein lies its heart.

It left me longing for something that I cannot identify. A mix of sadness, nostalgia, sorrow, hope, and more. I read Dreaming in Starlight in less than an hour. At some parts, I wanted to stop reading, unwilling to face Jeremiah and his demons any longer. But I was compelled to continue, to know what happened to break this man.

Many hours after reading it, even days, pieces of the story returned to haunt me. I longed for someone to help the damaged soul knowing it was impossible.

Even the book cover and the title draw me. They evoke a feeling of mystery and distance and wonder.

If you have the opportunity, buy the book.

Dreaming in Starlight can be bought from Amazon in print and digital forms.

To know more about Philip this is the link to his author website.

If you do read the book, I’d like to know what you thought of it.

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