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Dundalk Radio – results

I came second in the short story contest on the Creative Flow, Dundalk Radio contest . Pictured above with the judges is Kieran who came first.

It was an interesting experience.  My sister and I arrived in Dundalk  at 5.45 and spent half an hour trying to find the place. Even though I had been before it was difficult until I spotted landmarks I remembered.

We went into the green room and drinking coffee when Jacinta, the show’s presenter, laid out the finger food. Others joined and it was fun to chat to the writers of poetry, short stories and novels. Plenty of awards to come.

We posed for photographs and participated in a brief interview in the studio. Back in the green room we listened to other interviews before squeezing into the studio again for the announcement of the outright winners.

Lots of applause, lots of pleasure.

Relaxing in the green room.

Great night.

Thanks to all at Radio Dundalk who made it possible.

Watch this space because I hope to add a link to the story.




So here is the link to my short story aired on Dundalk Radio 5th October. I hope you enjoy the it. Please send me a comment. Thanks.



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  1. Well done.

    Sounds like a fantastic experience, and the pictures are lovely.

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