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My First Review on Amazon for Autumn Burning

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A debut novel from a talented writer of the highest degree. A very compelling literary novel page turner, suspenseful and mysterious, this one will have you staying up long into the night to finish. Dangerous secrets, romance and betrayal create this very riveting first novel set in Thailand, her descriptions of this exotic location make you see the landscape, taste the food, experience the culture. I certainly hope we hear more from this new writer! Always such fun to discover a new writer, I predict this novel will be the word-of-mouth novel everyone is talking about this year!

I have my first review. I must boast a little because with this 5* review I feel ten foot tall. I aspire to be a good writer so calling me talented to the highest degree makes my halo shine. My fingers are itching to type more novels. I am seeking an agent for a series of two, with a third in development. I have one that is being rewritten, and another on the go. Perhaps I will self-publish another novella. Will give it some thought.As you know, I self-published an novella last month. I don’t know how many people have bought it because wads of cash have not magically appeared in my bank account, and until today there wasn’t a review posted. I won’t be a millionaire and money is not the reason for writing.

I write because I have to. Because the voices in my head want to be heard in some form. Characters with stories to tell, who urge me in directions I had not planned on taking. Of course, I know that I am directing the characters but it is wondrous when they are so alive that they feel as though they take charge.

You can find the book at this book at the link below plus the review.




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  1. Lovely, well done Lynda. Look forward to reading this soon.

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