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First Wednesday – drama and craic

The evening was brilliant. I sat in Farrelly’s pub in Oldcastle and watched the faces of the audience as they listened to stories, poetry and memoirs, and received their congratulations at the end.

Audrey, Caro and Me (Lynda)
Audrey, Caro and Me (Lynda)

There were five readers and only Michael Olwill appeared once reciting three poems by Yeats.

He is an actor and he gave a powerful performance. The remaining four readers read single pieces. Caroline started the event with her story The Pram commemorating the children of the Easter Rising. It’s a gem and most moving. Later she read The Pushbike a short memoir, and she ended the evening with her very funny account of her first car Betty. It brought the house down, as they say. As you can see from the pic, she did all that on an energy drink. It is amazing she was able to do it because a busload of stress hit her on the way to the place. She had a puncture, couldn’t reach her husband, accepted a lift from a stranger, worried about the morning, collecting her car, changing the tyre and going to work.

Audrey had a short story about two competitive men, and a memoir about her father. Both were funny. In the first, I shook my head and laughed at the idiocy of both men. The latter was a loving look at the habits of her dad.

I read two pieces too a short story and a drabble. Both published pieces.



Amanda chose four poems to read, two of which have been published. She presented them well and received much applause.

We had to compete with the match for a short time but we survived. Especially as the drinks flowed.

Hands were shaking and maybe voices quavered for the first sentence but everyone settled down and read to the receptive audience. Freda Donoghue the creator of the event acted as MC for the evening and introduced each of the readers.



Come September, Freda and Caroline, will read Audrey’s short drama called Percieved Reality. It is an intriguing look at the perceptions of sisters when talking about their deceased mother. I think a lot of people will identify with it. I run memoir courses and people with the same experience see it differently.

On the subject of memoirs, the anthology from both courses is almost finished and ready for publishing. The launch should be a great evening with proceeds going to the Oldcastle Alzheimer’s Charity. I’ll talk more about it later this month.

Now to continue with my page a day in July challenge. I’ve nearly completed 500 hundred words.


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