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Writing Goals for 2019

Writing goals are not New Year Resolutions which is why I am starting on 1st February.

In setting writing goals, I am following the footsteps of my good friend Amanda J Evans. Amanda is an awarding winner writer and you can read her blog here:

I have eleven writing goals so here goes:

1. Obtain an agent or publisher for my novel.
I have redrafted, added, deleted, and edited my novel and I think it is ready for something.

2. Write 2,500 words a week on my new novel Betrayed.
This is a bit of a cheat because I have 55,000 words written but it needs developing then editing etc. You can follow my progress on the first page.

3. Enter one writing competition a month.
For either flash or short story and/or send a finished piece to a magazine. Plenty of literary journals out there.

4. Enter two poetry writing competitions.
I generate poetry more often from my free writing which can provide startling results.

5. Submit to Ad Hoc fiction weekly.
A great challenge to write to a prompt and keep the story or poem to under 150 words.

6. Submit to Visual Verse monthly.
Another good challenge but this time with a visual prompt which I intend to complete this whether I like the image or not.

7. Prepare with ten-minutes free writing.
An exercise which uses the writing muscle and which puts my head into the right space.

8. Write a fortnightly blog.
Notice I didn’t say weekly.

9. Generate interest in writing by providing courses.
I have two scheduled and looking forward to them. They keep me on my toes and my focus on writing.

10. Attend one workshop.
Always useful to learn something new and about the current state of the writing business. Fashion changes.

11. Read fifty books as part of the Goodreads Challenge.
Proud to say I am well on the way to meet this one with fifteen recorded novels so far. I have read a few others which haven’t joined the list.

I chose writing goals which I could control and not leave to chance. The first one may happen or not but I am in charge of searching for one. None of the other writing goals are onerous.

I hope your writing continues to flow. Catch up with you in a fortnight.

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