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Lady Invincible Sails Again

As part of the July challenge, which I will expand on in Snippets for today’s date, I wrote a prequel, about 369 words, to my radio play Lady Invincible. It only runs to 1 minute 45 seconds but I think it will enhance the listening of the drama. Perhaps, I should explain.
I wrote, directed and produced the play which had its first airing in November last year. It is unique way of raising funds for the charity Irish Dogs for the Disabled. You can read more about it in an earlier blog.
Dorothy in a different role

On 15 July, Oldcastle Writers Group are presenting an evening of seanchai-style stories and the radio play. The setting is a cosy living room circa mid 20th century. Tables and chairs around a roaring coal fire, and the audience listening on a brown Bakelite radio in dimmed light. Different people will read or tell a tale that makes the audience shiver or laugh while they sip tea or drink wine and nibble on cheese. Following that is the prequel. Two of the actors, Dorothy Grace Laity and Christophe Lombardi, will reprise their roles. I think the content will enhance the context of the play because the audience will recognise the characters and know part of their story. They will become as real as possible in the time allowed and bring more poignancy to the play.

This event, and two of the same later in the month, are in aid of the charity Irish Dogs for the Disabled. I will have CD’s of the play, Lady Invincible, for sale too. The actors will answer questions and sign copies of the CD’s.

Important question. Do you think people will buy a CD when they’ve already heard the play? Or does it rely on the price? I guess I’ll find out next Friday.


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  1. Another minute and a half? That’s intriguing.
    Your 15th July event sounds exciting. I’m hoping there will be a comprehensive report soon after…

    • Lynda Kirby Lynda Kirby

      Unfortunately the actors have shingles. One is very poorly, and the other is a carrier. Can’t risk them going. But the concept is exciting. And you will get a write up.

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