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No Excuses, thanks and encouragement

No excuses for not keeping my blog up to date now because I have my good friend, award winning author Amanda J Evans, to thank for fixing the problem with my site.

Thai spirit house
Well kept Thai Spirit House


 The plot of my novel Dead Man Floating is now sorted following the shock of the flawed plot.

Now I am sending out my novel Dead Man Floating hoping to find an agent and a publisher.   Several rejections so far, bummer, but one in particular was most encouraging. 


Thank you for letting us read some of Dead Man Floating. Sadly, I am afraid this isn’t quite right for us at present. I think it a strong idea – at times it is a little overwritten, and think it would benefit from being pared back, with few adjectives. Of course, this is just a personal view. I hope you will submit widely, especially to agents. 

I wish you well with this. 


Such an encouraging statement which left me feeling high rather than low and also allows for no excuses. I submitted the novel to several agents, and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. In the meantime, it’s back to my work in progress. And waiting. 

In my list of potential agents the range of waiting time is from seven days to six months or longer. And each agent has different guidelines for their submission process. I am clumsy and often impatient so I take extra care spelling names, and producing the requested information. I dislike  the ’round robin’ approach and read the submission criteria for every agent I plan to contact. In this way, there are no excuses for errors or slapdash work.  

Feedback has the power to knock one flat and it is a reminder that when we provide feedback to others that kindness is warranted if the writer is to benefit.  A bellyful of negativity does nobody any good. In my younger days, I wasn’t always so generous but I can’t change it and can only move forward with a better approach. 

Keep the writing flowing and enjoy the summer months.


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  1. Veronica Veronica

    Best of luck Lynda. Hope u have good news from an agent soon. X

    • Lynda Kirby Lynda Kirby

      Thank you. The wait is always nailbiting and best forgotten. But…

  2. Cath Cath

    Good luck, Lynda. Glad you’re back in the blogasphere. 🙂

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