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November is Writing Month

After a long absence (not a good year) I am ready to write during the November rush when dozens or thousands of other writers are lifting pens, or poising fingers on keyboards.

NaNoWrMo is long established and a popular event. I plump for Flash NaNo.

It began in 2012 and starts on 1 November, demands one piece of flash a day – thirty stories in total – prompts are available if necessary.

A flash is considered to be no more than 1,000 words. Plenty of sites online which publish flash fiction and/or hold contests which are worth checking out.

Microcosms: ‘…a 24-hour flash fiction contest, running every Friday from 00:00am (New York time). Max 300 words. If you don’t like the character, setting and genre provided, spin the “slot machine” of options until you find a combination that does.’

Ad Hoc Fiction: a free weekly flash fiction competition . 150 words. A long list is published and put to reader vote. The winner received free entry to the £1,000 prize. A prompt word is given and MUST be used in the flash.

Visual Verse: An image prompt for a 50-500 word story which is published on the site.

I love the form: the intensity of a story in miniature, of finding the right starting point – going in as late as possible, leaving as early as possible.

It is the 4th of November and I have four flash stories. None are edited but I can do that when the challenge is over. Flash NaNo has a Facebook page where participants keep in touch and post their work, if they wish. As the site will close in December none of the work will be considered published.

Or look on Nancy Stohlman’s page for updates. It includes links to Bath Flash Fiction which held a Flash Novella competition this year, and Frontier Press.

Titles to my November Flash stories are

Alter Ego



Double Sided

Titles may change and I have not posted any on the Facebook page and I am unlikely to do so but never say never.

Let me know if you give it a go.

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  1. Well done, hope you’re keeping up with the work-load. That’s quite a commitment. I’d love to join, but November is my worst month for commitments. I’m going to set my own goals for December, when things may be a little calmer.

    Hope you’ll have time to keep us posted on your progress. Some good links and advice here.

    X Cath

  2. Good luck with NaNo… Hope it’s going well. That’s a lot of words. I hope you’ll keep us updated on progress.

    I would have loved to join in, but as usual, November is too busy. I’m planning on setting myself a December writing month, so that I can polish off a few outstanding stories.

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