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A page a day in July – Authors Publish

Pledge to write

I have signed up for this. Participating in the StoryADayMay and the #7DayStory has convinced me that this kind of motivation is a great strategy for me. So far, of the stories I wrote during those challenges, three have been published.  I have more in circulation. Not only have I produced work but am learning what works for me; discovering the best time to write as opposed to the time I usually write; I am refining my craft and developing my skills.

  1. It makes me focus.
  2. I can use ideas from my sparks notebook.
  3. I can dig around and look for other ideas. Photographs and other visual images are a wonderful starting point. A painting I have inspired a drabble called The Painting and is one of the pieces published.
  4. It develops my skills and refines my craft.
  5. It is satisfying. I know that I’ve spent time writing instead of waffling, procrastinating, or just talking about writing.
  6. I will have a body of work that may become a novella, a novel, a series of short stories or poems or anything I choose to make of them.
  7. I can redraft, refine, edit in August and beyond.
  8. If I complete a short story or a drabble then I have work to send out.
  9. It is working for me because, as I say above, already three pieces created from the completed challenges have been published.

I am not going to count this as one of the day’s pieces because that is not the way I want to use this time. My intention is to produce fiction.

It is the 1st July, the beginning of this challenge, so, without further delay, ‘I pledge to write one page every day in July’ and I am off to write my first 500 words on something. You know, I do have a few ideas.

Wish me luck.

If you’re interested in participating in this challenge or others similar check out these links:

PS 1

I completed my 500 words for Day One. On to the second day. If you wish to follow my progress, check my snippets page for the updates. Knowing I have made this public should encourage me to keep at it.








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  1. Great post Lynda. I am planning on doing the same myself. Even just a page a day. You never know what you will end up with by the end of the month. If you have 500 words on a page that’s 15,500 at the end of July and that’s a number of short stories, the beginning of a novel, or a novelette. Looking forward to see what you produce in the month.


  2. What a great challenge. Good luck.

    I’m tempted to join in, but July is looking a little busy. I might try finding one for August though.

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