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Second Review for Autumn Burning on Amazon- Another 5*

Second Review

For Second Review
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5.0 out of 5 stars Insightful and intriguing novel

By Nora Carroll on 13 July 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Autumn Burning is an intriguing and intelligently written novel , set in the very exotic Thailand , obviously well known by the author.
It has everything , mystery , intrigue , romance . You get a vivid insight into local life, customs, beliefs and interaction between natives and non natives. Amazing amount of detail in this fast paced , thoroughly enjoyable story .
I was compelled to keep reading and look forward to more by Lynda Kirby .
To say I am pleased with this second review is an understatement. I hope for many more positive 5* reviews but I realise I cannot please everyone.
I discovered during last week that Amazon bots trawl 24/7/365 through media sites checking each review, and if they think a friend is providing a review they remove it. As a workshop facilitator for a variety of creative writing courses, I have lists of ‘friends’ who I keep informed of opportunities, and future courses etc. I use email and Facebook to keep in touch, so I guess if any of them have read the book and provided feedback then I’m shafted. Of course, one can’t ask Amazon if any have been removed, or state that someone I know wrote a review, because the consensus is that is admitting a friend relationship. Catch 22 eh?
I have written reviews for friends, honest ones, but I do not use my own name. Ergo they have not be withdrawn. Perhaps that is the answer.
Has anyone had an experience of reviews being dismissed? Have you ever written a review which has been unaccepted? I am curious. Amazon send an email stating that they are checking a review before it goes live. If they pull it, do they send an email to that effect? Does anyone have an answer?
Ah well. I’ll keep plugging away.
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