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Sods’ Law: In Triplicate

If something can go wrong, it will – Sod’s law in a nutshell.

am an older woman and not as supple as I used to be (cough cough) so I joined a yoga group to help me stretch my body. I hoped to ease the aches and pains and become more flexible; I also wanted to build up my stamina and strengthen my muscles. I have a bit of arthritis here and a bit there and I am vastly overweight but losing it slowly slowly. The yoga group is great, the instructor knowledgeable and supportive. I need it but I haven’t been for the last two weeks.

Why? Sod’s Law.

sod bookTwo weeks ago, I twisted my right knee, which is also arthritic. I could walk but bending the knee or kneeling was painful. It was healing when I turned over in bed and it went again. Don’t ask me how. I think I tried to move my knee but not my leg. (I know, I know, she says with upturned palms and a shrug of disbelief).  Not a clue. It wasn’t as bad this time but enough for me to feel it. On went a support bandage, damn uncomfortable thing, and I gingerly went about my business. On the morning of my yoga class it all seemed fine. No searing or sharp pain. A bit of nagging but easily dealt with. I drove to a rehearsal and drove home again. As I was twisting out of the car, I hit my knee and, bam, I’m back where I started. The healing is going well again and, fingers crossed, I’ll be back at yoga next Tuesday. Sod’s law notwithstanding.

Last week I also had an NCT at 7.35 am. It was two months after I’d submitted a request for an appointment. They’re backlogged. I just was not going to miss it. I ran around like a fool the day before having a pre NCT to judge what might be wrong so that I wouldn’t have palpitations when it failed: and for the engineers to fix things that they could. Like topping up the oil, removing the wheel trims etc. (One wheel trim was left at the service station but I don’t really need it). I emptied the boot, vacuumed the car, dusted the plastic bits, rubbed down the dog guard, cleared the glove box and sprayed the seats with Febreze. Then I took it to the car wash. The first one wasn’t working but I found another one. It was a manual device and the lance was darn heavy and had a kick when the water jetted out. My arm muscles are weak and it felt as though my arm sockets were being pulled out. That left me with sore upper arms and shoulder twinges. Where was my yoga when I needed it?

See? Sod’s Law in action again.

Humour sodBut that’s not all. Here’s where the triplicate comes in. I left early to attend the NCT. Made a wrong turn and had a long stretch of road to go down before I could turn around and head back in the right direction. Ten miles later, I managed to reach the centre in time and registered. Phew! It was free, no charge. No reason given. Hallelujah!

Ten minutes later I was called to the testing bay. The car wouldn’t start. Well, it started, and it would run but it died as soon as the foot was taken off the pedals. So, he couldn’t do the test. I’m waiting for another appointment.

Sod’s Law – without a doubt, he and Murphy had it in for me last week.

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