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A Step Back in Time – Two

This event was held as part of Le Cheile Arts and Music Festival

We set the stage in Oldcastle Library – a table with a cloth, porcelain rose china; a side table with a lace All Eyes on the Reader.smallcloth, an old fish kettle and a bunch of herbs. A painting of a lighthouse added a hint of what was to come. A group of women meet around the table.  They settle down and the radio is tuned to static. The play comes through but the static beats them. Five minutes of Lady Invincible and they have to give up. What do they do? They resort to reading stories.

We are Oldcastle Writers Group and we are the people sitting around the table and read stories seanchai-style. Mystery, myth and legends and darkness.

Five stories were read ranging from Irish myths to English tales and a S. African prankster. Christophe Lombardi is an actor who played Captain Sebastian in the radio play and he turned up to sign CDs and answer questions. We had an intermission to serve wine and food which was gratefully received.

A Great Audience
A Great Audience

Our audience was brilliant. They all enjoyed the evening and offered many congratulations to the writers. We had three requests to attend at various places to read to new audiences. It is something we will arrange post-August because we need a break.



We held a raffle with some superb spot prizes donated by friends and relatives. Anne and Dymphna from the library are so supportive and donated two of the prizes. Anne also went above and beyond her duty and allowed us to stay longer to finish the stories and clean up.

Post event clean up

We provided wine and food, and everyone mingled discussing the stories they heard and swapping their own tales. It was great craic.

And we’re doing it again on Sunday at the Masonic Hall in Oldcastle, still part of the excellent LeCheile Arts and Music Festival.

I have to thank a lot of people for their support. Kathleen from the Kraft Kaffee provided props, like the picture of the lighthouse, tablecloths and wine glasses. Ballinacree Community Organisation loaned us wine glasses. Both have offered the same resources for Sunday. Anne from the library brought up the trolley with the makings for tea and coffee. Veronica, one of our members, brought the props which helped set the scene and Elly, another member, made the old-fashioned radio.

It was a really great night and a marvellous experience with such a wonderfully receptive audience.

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  1. Sounds fantastic. What a great idea, a sort of fusion between story-telling and theatre. Looking forward to hearing how this goes forward, enquiries following performance is quite an accolade.

    • Lynda Kirby Lynda Kirby

      Thanks, Cath. I’m looking forward to doing the readings/performances for someone else if only because I don’t have to do any of the organising.

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