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Story Published in Into The Void

Rachel McCabe
Rachel McCabe

I have the digital PDF copy of the magazine and it’s looking good. My story is on page 38. It was inspired by the painting and is a tribute to my mother. Next week will bring me my print copy. If you’re interested in checking out the poetry and stories in this first issue you can pre-order a digital copy of €3.00 and a printed copy for €5.00.

My story is a drabble – a 100 word flash fiction. But isn’t the word ‘drabble’ horrid. I believe a 50 character flash is called ‘twabble’. It reminds me so much of ‘twaddle’ meaning rubbish. Not a good look for a story.

Oh, and rejections from Skylight 47. Can’t win them all.

In one feature, a suggested aim was 100 rejections in a year. I reckon I’m in with a chance. It’s a good start. It also means a rejection has value.

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  1. Well done Lynda. Looking forward to reading it.

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