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Success or Failure

It is a while since I posted and my blog page is still causing trouble. I hope for success sorting it next week.
I finished one creative writing course last week – a great success –  and started another one in a different location. It is exciting and satisfying when the writers produce great work. And they do. Each session includes a free writing period of either two minutes, or five minutes with a prompt word should they wish to use it.
I complete the exercise too and, as usual, it is remarkable what comes out of the imagination. This meets one of my writing goals.
As you know, I set out eleven writing goals for the year.
It’s time to own up to my success or failure. 
1. My novel is out in the world of publishers. Two declines so far.
2. My new novel is progressing. I haven’t always met 2,500 words a week.
3. I have entered several contests. Most are waiting a result. However, I was the runner-up in the Delvin Short Story Contest.
4. I have not entered any poetry competitions.
5. My output for Ad Hoc fiction is met except for the last two weeks. On both occasions I missed the deadline.
6. My first story accepted by Visual Verse and waiting to see if the second one will be published. It’s fast running out of May. I only entered in April, so one out of two, is a fair result.
7. I keep up with free writing finding time before breakfast most days.
8. Failed at the fortnightly blog writing. I blame the site not working properly, and not my laziness.
9. In addition to the two formal courses, I have organised a weekend workshop in August. So far, seven have booked.
10. A workshop is scheduled for Saturday 8 June in Cavan and I’m looking forward ta o it.
11. Successfully completed reading fifty books in the Goodreads reading challenge.
I am reminded of a Dorothea Brande quote:
‘All that is necessary to break the spell of inertia and frustration is this: Act as if it were impossible to fail.’
For anyone wanting to become a writer, I recommend reading the book Becoming a Writer, still relevant today as it was when Dorothea Brande wrote it. I dip into it often for inspiration. 
Until next time. Enjoy your writing.  
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  1. Well done, Lynda. That’s an admirable list of achievements. Keeping my fingers crossed for your novel. If this is what making a list does, perhaps I’d better sit down and create one, too.

    Nice to see you posting again. I hope you get the glitches sorted out.

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