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Tramore Community Radio


Two of my stories will be read on The Breakfast Show on Tramore Community Radio this Saturday 18 June, 9-10 am.

One is called Button Box and the other is Theresa’s Pride.

What does one wear to listen to one’s stories? Long ago days, the performers, announcers and everyone involved in radio wore formal clothes.  I recall my being told by someone in the know, that the formation dancers went onto the radio show to dance, in full costume. Now maybe my memory is failing because I just cannot imagine it. Mind you, a ventriloquist complete with his dummy also aired on radio.

I hope you manage to hear my stories because I’d love your feedback.


Irish Dogs for the Disabled
Irish Dogs for the Disabled

Of course, I have written for radio before. My play Lady Invincible is now on CD and will be aired on three separate dates under the umbrella title Step Back in Time. The evening starts with tales from the seannachai followed by the radio play: old fashioned entertainment. Cosy tables, light refreshments, flickering flames and a big old antique radio hiding the laptop.

The performances are at The BOOKMARKet in Kells on 15 July 7.30 for 8 pm with a cover charge of €8.00 including wine and nibbles. Two of the actors will be there to talk about their roles. All proceeds go to the charity Irish Dogs for the Disabled. The next date is 28 July at Oldcastle Library from 7 pm, and Sunday 31 July – place and time to be confirmed. Both the latter are part of the Le Cheile festival.

Radio is the medium of the imagination. When listening to a radio drama,  I ‘see’ the character. The quality of the voice, the tone, the words spoken, the rhythm of the dialogue all go towards forming his or her features from my imagination. The mind has a wondeful capacity to do this with all the characters populating the story. Of course, knowing the actor playing the role can affect that picture. There is the temptation to keep that image but more often I find that it fades as the story develops.

As well as the character, my imagination creates the kitchen where they argue over a cup of tea; or the pub while they’re playing darts; or the skating rink where they fall in love because the locations are brilliantly soundscaped. I don’t think it takes much to trigger a mental picture.

I prefer to use my imagination  so book covers depicting real people are not my preference. One reason why they are absent on my book covers, up to now. Other readers will enjoy having a face to go with the hero and heroine inside.

And it’s good that everyone is different.

My play Lady Invincible is now on CD and is available for purchase at €10.00. All proceeds go to the charity Irish Dogs for the Disabled.


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  1. Well done Lynda, that is great news. I can’t wait to hear how your stories sound on the radio. Congratulations on another success.

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